• 60V20AH lead acid battery
  • 800w motor LSM
  • 50km/h max speed
  • up to 70km range
  • USB charging port
  • Alarm module
  • Low speed motorcycle - driver's license required
Rated Motor Power 500W (800W peak)
Max Torque 85-90 NM
Battery 60V20AH Lead Acid Battery
Charger 3-5A, 220V
Brakes Front & Rear Disc Brakes
Tires 3.50-10
Security Anti-Theft Alarm
Top Speed 30 MPH (50 km/hr)
Range Up to 40 miles (70 km)
Max Incline Ability 12°
Rider Weight Capacity 330lbs
Dimensions 70"x23"x40"(174x57x100cm)
Seat Height 29"
Weight (w/battery) 195lbs (89kg)