• BEST GIFT FOR KIDS: perfect gift for bigger kids 3 to 8 under parental supervision. The Rosso X3 is a larger unit compared to the Rosso X1.
  • KEEPS KIDS SMILING FOR DAYS: Kids can experience the excitement of four wheeler riding in their own backyard
  • SAFE AND COMPLIANT: The Rosso X3 is ASTM F963 Certified, meaning it is safe and compliant with American standards.
  • BUILT FOR TOUGHER TERRAINS: Compared to most other 12V ride-on toys, the Rosso X3 is powered by a 24V motor. Ride up steep roads and rougher terrains.
  • BUILT TO LAST:   We carry all replacement parts (Big box stores and other sellers don't often carry parts so they cannot service the unit). This means the X3 is NOT just for one time use.
  • LONGER PLAYTIME - Up to 60 minutes of battery life. Easy to recharge.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Push button on/off. High speed/low speed switch. Forward/Reverse switch.
  • LED LIGHTS AND MUSIC: Functional led lights at the front. Bluetooth music player.
  • KIDS LOVE THE LOOK AND FEEL: Front bumper & flat rack at the front. Storage compartment behind the seat, perfect for that favorite toy, doll, or stuffed animal.
  • Caution: this product is not water-proof!
Recommended Ages
3 to 8 years of age
Weight Capacity
65lbs (30kgs)
24V 7Ah
Top Speed
2.8 - 4.6 mph (3.8 - 7.5 km/h)
Maximum Range
1 - 2 hours
Charge Time
8 - 10 hours
47.5" x 31.5" x 33.5" (120 x 80 x 85 cm)
15" x 7" Plastic
Ground Clearance
Net Weight
60 lbs (27.3 Kg)